Isn't air conditioning freezing the car? Find out what the problem might be

Summer and air conditioning combine! Nowadays, it is very difficult, especially for those who live in traffic, to have a vehicle without this option. In addition to making the environment of the car more pleasant, it's a great help when we need to get out of the street's fog and feel some environment a little cooler. The benefits and pleasures of this equipment we all know, but the problem is when the air conditioner is not freezing. So, what to do? View here for more info: Refrigerant Oil You Should Add AC Compressor

As the system is very complex, the fact that the air conditioning is not freezing can be due to several problems, some more serious and others simpler to be solved. If you have the right tools - and a little skill - the problem can be found and repaired in your own garage. But, in the case of some failures, the help of a professional specialized in the subject will really be necessary.

However, it is possible to detect some reasons why the air conditioner is not freezing. So you may not be able to fix it yourself, but at least you don't risk paying for something you don't need. Thinking about it, we gathered the main equipment failures to help in this identification.

Automotive air conditioning does not freeze, what can it be?

The air filter is one of the main reasons why the air conditioner is not performing its function properly. If the air filter is dirty or clogged, it will not cool. As it is considered a simple and routine maintenance, if you have a little knowledge about cars and their mechanics, you can make this change at home.

Refer to the vehicle's manual to follow the exchange instructions. If you do not have the skills to perform this operation, or simply do not want to perform it, take the car to your trusted mechanic and ask him to change it. It is a quick procedure that takes little time.

The cost of this maintenance is also not high, as it is considered something routine. In some cases, the air filter is changed even in the per-determined revisions by authorized assemblers or concessionaires.

Automotive air conditioning does not freeze, what can it be?Refrigerant gas leak

If the air conditioner is not freezing, the problem may be directly linked to the leakage of refrigerant gas. This problem is a little more difficult to identify, but still very easy to solve. It happens, usually,because some of the connections of the equipment is not tight and causing this"disturbance".

The identification of this problem can be done with a little water and soap, as well as in kitchen gas cylinders. When passing this mixture,turn on the air conditioner. Where there are failures or low pressure, some bubbles will begin to form.

If it is just a tight connection, just screw it in more tightly. Now, if there are punctures or other damage, it will be necessary to perform the exchange. However, this break can only be adjusted by professionals who have adequate materials and tools. The breakage needs to be repaired with a weld and, later, they will recharge the gas again.

In both cases (loose connections or breaks), remember to recharge the air conditioner if you have lost a lot of material. In that case,it is best to seek a specialist to assist you in the process.